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dinsdag 1 januari 2013

Groninger basketballweek day 4 + 5

Šiauliai tapo turnyro Olandijoje nugalėtojai!! Finale 73:70 įveikė Egipto nacionalinę komanda! Šaunuoliai! :) Geriausias turnyro žaidėjas- L.Jackson!

The text at the top of this article is at Facebook at the fanpage of bc Siauliai (that is where I also found this photo): https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/BC-%C5%A0iauliai-fan-page/249832451702387 

I don't know the language of Lithuania. But I think I can translate this text. There is only one word I don't know: Šaunuoliai!.

Siauliai won the Dutch New Year's tournament. In the final they have beaten the national team of Egypt by 73 - 70. Congratulations!/Champions! Chosen as the best player of the tournament was Lewis Jackson!

But, first we go to the day before. The day started 16:30 pm. And, the organsation of the tournament felt sorrt for planning that time at Sunday. Before the first game started the chairman told me she forgot it would be a Sunday. 14:00, 16:00/16:30 and 18:00/19:00 would have been a lot better, she thought. And she was damn right! Not her fault but the third and last game Sunday finished just a couple of seconds before midnight.

If we jump back to Monday, the day of the final, we see that a team (GasTerra Flames) which had to play becoming third or fourth this tournament had less than 12 hours between two games. Realise they also miss time for taking a shower, eating after the game, eating the day after (breakfast/brunch), driving towards the gym.

But back to the history. I already wrote about the first game Sundays: http://hiph00ph00ray.blogspot.nl/#!/2012/12/kk-bosna-gets-5th-place.html So, let 's get on with the semi-finals.

National team of Egypt won 77 - 78 against Al-Riyadi from Beirut, Libanon. That game was expected like the thrilla of Manilla, the rumble in the jungle. Just because it were 2 teams from the midle-east. Well, it didn't work out a war. It was a see-saw game though.

A game which made me fell a sleep. Both team don't have a running game, i'm not interested in any of these teams, they are way too busy acting like little sissies (begging (watch their hands!!) the referee to give the opponent a foul) and the referees decided to make the game a perfect moment giving a whistle concert. They gave more fouls than a hooker would give blowjobs her whole career.

The last game Sunday, the second semi-final was an interesting game, nice to watch. Home team GasTerra Flames/Donar lost by 4 points (78 - 74) to bc Siauliai. Towards my opinion Siauliai played their best game so far in the semi-finals. Might be surprising because their biggest victory this tournament was against Santa Barbara Breakers. But, SBB is a squad with talented players (athletic, good bal skills) but they are no team. These free agents met each other just 1 day before the start of the tournament. 2 players even just arrived the day the tournament started.

Flames/Donar is a team still trying to become a team (new point-guard, new coach) but the core is together since the start of the season. They played already about 18 games. So, they are more serious competition to the Lithuanians.

Most of the game Siauliai was much stronger. It stayed a close game because the subs made their minutes. Lewis Jackson, Papa Dia, Kieza are very good players. Even the players who are not top never will play Holland's first division. They are way too good. Germany for example is more realistic.

Now back to the future: the final day. Al-Riyadi won against Donar. The home team was powerless. 77 - 89. (I wasn't able to watch the whole game. Only the second half. I mean the last 15 minutes of the game.)

Flames/Donar shot 32 of 79 from the field (5 of 19 from behind the arc). They shot 8 from 12 at the charity stripe. That 's just way too bad. Players individually and a team as well have to able to hit 60% or more field goals, 40% or more three points attempt and 80% or more free throws.

guards: 1 assist every 3 minutes, 1 rebound every 6 minutes
small-forwards: 1 assist every 5 minutes, 1 rebound every 5 minutes
power-forwards en centers: 1 assist every 7 minutes, 1 rebound every 4 minutes

Donar's stats:
Nate Rohnert (guard) 25 minutes 33 seconds 6 rebounds, 6 assists, 1 turnover
Sergio de Randamie (power-forward) 20 minutes 6 seconds 9 rebounds, 1 assist
Jamal Boykin (power-forward) 25 minutes 47 seconds 8 rebounds, 1 assist
Jason Dourisseau (forward) 30 minutes 42 seconds 5 rebounds 6 assists, 2 turnovers
Ties Theeuwkens (small-forward) 12 minutes 31 seconds 1 rebound 0 assists
Rogier Jansen (guard) 25 minutes 6 seconds 2 rebounds, 3 assists, 5 turnovers
Dimeo van der Horst (point-guard) 8 minutes 37 seconds 2 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 turnover
Thomas Koenis (center) 22 minutes 11 seconds 8 rebounds, 0 assists, 2 turnovers
Jessey Voorn (shooting-guard) 29 minutes 27 seconds 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 turnovers

In the final, which was tight and pretty unfair, the team from Lithuania showed a great mentality. They came back from a 13 - 3 deficit in the first period. Egypt missed a lot of free throws down the stretch. Siauliai congratulations. You deserve the championship of this tournament! You are the team playing the game which is not only best but is also very nice to watch. Good luck in the Lithuanian league, the Baltic league and the Euro cup / Challenge cup!

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