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Omdat het  Donar-gastenboek  al enige tijd niet meer actief is, en ik mij oprecht afvraag of deze ooit weer beschikbaar wordt gemaakt, kom i...

vrijdag 3 april 2015


Make lemonade out of lemons. It is a way of saying used a lot to cheer up a person who is having some troubles.

Donar basketball suffered the loss of two key players with injuries. But the team didn't break down, they kept strong.

Last week (March 29) they won the Dutch national cup (something different than the national championship!). The players were determined to win to honour their teammates who are out for the season with their injuries. And these guys showed a lot of respect for their teammates who battled to win another trophy (the second of this season, the fourth in a row).

It is more than obvious: Donar is able to make lemonade out of lemons. If they can rise to the occasion during the play-offs a repeat might be the result.

The team has a floorleader (Lance Jeter), some players who do have the experience to become Dutch champion (Sean Cunningham (Dutch international), Thomas Koenis (Dutch international), Craig Osaikhwuwuomwan, Maarten Bouwknecht) and some other players who are above average (Stefan Mladenovic, Bill Clark, Mark Sanchez).

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