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maandag 6 mei 2013

Season 2012/2013 so far ...

Specially for my readers who don't understand Dutch but can read stories in Englis. (Most of you are from the USA.)

We are in the play-offs right now. After a 3 - 0 win in games against the 6th seeded Den Helder Kings (Den Helder is back in the 1st division since more than 10 years after they went bankrupt.) we reached the semi-finals.

In these semi-finals, against number 2 seeded Zorg & Zekerheid Leiden (formerly known as Parker BS Leiden), we played two games so far. Tomorrow evening game 3 will be played in Leiden. We lost the first and the second game. We are 2 - 0 down, and have to win game 3 (roadgame) to survive.

I have seen DONAR since 1995. In all those seasons the club won just 2 championships. Coaches Ton Boot and Marco van den Berg had teams who played much better defence. This team can't play defence at all. In the play-offs we can't rebound anymore. In the regular season we where the best in rebounding.

We miss players like Scott Snider (center, lost finals in 1997/1998), Mike Vreeswijk (small-forward, lost finals in 1997/1998), Travis Reed (power-forward, champion in 2003/2004) and Valmo Kriisa (point-guard, champion in 2003/2004). Or players like Jason Ellis (power-forward, champion in 2009/2010) and Robby Bostain (point-guard, champion in 2009/2010).

Vreeswijk was a great shooter, Reed almost unstoppable in the paint, Kriisa was a fantastic floorleader who worked very hard (just like Daniel Novak (small-forward)) and Scott Snider was a solid big man with an "No way you will beat me!" attitude. The way he played defence and boxing-out (to get defensive rebounds) is how the players of todays team should be playing.

Okay, Thomas Koenis (center) is trying to do that. But he isn't as experience as Snider was. He (Koenis) isn't as good (so far) as Snider was.

Next season players have to be much better defenders (especially at the perimeter to make sure guards of opponents cannot drive into the area inside the three-points arc), players who are working much harder (basketball is war, you have to kill your enemies!). If you know such players? Please let me know!

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