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zondag 30 december 2012

Jim Parks being interviewed by Dutch basketballfan

I have to admit. Jim Parks is a coach I have never met before this week. A day before this interview we had a small talk about his team, but I did only knew him by name. And some short stories an uncle told me. He had seen mr Parks being the coach of the 1977/1978 Donar team.

Being born december 31st 1975 is not the only reason. My first basketballgame was at the international basketballtournament in August 1993 or 1994. I'm not sure. The president of that tournament was ... Grietje Pasma. She is nowadays the president of this Groninger basketballweek.

Okay, so what I said. I know the stories about Jim Parks and Pete Miller only know by hear say. Fans who did see them, and also know Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan, say these teams are quite similar. My question was: how was your good relationship (working together so great) was made? Jim Parks told me he had a very good group of players. Pete Miller was starting his second season when Parks became the coach. It was the first season of John Franken. There were 4 USA players (well, some players with double passports) and some top players from the Dutch league like Everett Fopma (from Amsterdam).

Parks is now assistant-coach of the Santa Barbara Breakers (California). This is a group of free agents. Players who don't have a contract in de D-league, Europe or Asia right now. Guys who are eager to prove their abilities. So, tournaments like this are good opportunities to perform against players who are assumed to be quite talented (playing in the top of the Netherlands, Lithuania and Libanon). As I wrote in the header, I'm a Dutch fan. My question was: are your players good enough to play in the first division in the Netherlands? J. Parks told me of course that's for clubs to decide. But, he thinks his players do have enough talent. After his game he asked me what my opinion is. I think his players are very atheltic, they have a good (some even great) ballhandling, they are in good shape (not to fat or something like that). But they have to prove (try-out for a couple of weeks) they are teamplayers. In the second game of this tournament these man were a little to busy making good stats (points). And, they are already a  little bit in problem because these guys just met 2 days ago.

A couple of weeks ago some teenagers murderded a sideline referee after a soccergame (played by these boys aged 15/16 years). Before games in the Dutch 1st division started the crowd had to be silent for 1 minute. Dutch referees have the text "Show respect" at their backs. But, in my opinion respect is a two ways relationship. How does J. Parks think about the Dutch referees? You might be surprised but he is quite satisfied. At least he says they are nowadays much better than they used to be when he was coaching Donar. 

If you are interested in playing for the Santa Barbara Breakers (they play 12 games between March and June), try to get in contact with Jim Parks. Maybe it is even possible to do a study at a college, for exampe UC Santa Barbara. There are about 10 colleges near the gym of the Breakers. UC = university of California.

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